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Braille Greeting Cards messages for all occasions

Do you know someone who is Blind or Visually Impaired?

If you do then you'll know how difficult it can be to find a way for them to be able to read their own greetings cards. At Focus on Vision C.I.C we offer Braille greetings messages so you can send a card they can read for themselves.

Simply e-mail your message and your address to info@focusonvision.org.uk. Please ensure you send your message in good time to allow for posting times.

We will Braille your message onto sticky backed plastic enabling you to insert it in a card of your choice. Instructions on how to do this will be included.

So, make their day a bit more special and send a card they’ll truly appreciate.

Please note: This is a free service but if you decide you would like to make a donation then all the details you need will be in the letter sent with the message.


Braille Transcription

There are two types of Braille. Grade 1 Braille is un-contracted and used mostly for new Braille readers. Grade 2 Braille is the most widely accepted form of Braille. It takes up less space on the page due to the contractions. We can produce Braille in either grade, printed single-sided or double-sided on A4 Braille paper.

We charge £26 per hour and 25p per sheet of Braille.

Large Print

Focus on Vision C.I.C. recommends and uses a simple, clear and legible Sans Serif style fonts such as Arialor Tahoma. The original text is transcribed and reformatted without destroying the original context or content of the document.

We use a standard font size of 20 points in order to meet the needs of as many users as possible.

We charge £21 per hour

Audio Transcription

We offer a comprehensive reading service. The audio recording is separated into tracks if required and then burned to CD, which will play on any standard CD player and a computer.

We can produce visual labels for the CDs and both visual and Braille labels for the library boxes.

We charge £21 per hour and £5 per CD

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