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We aim to help visually-impaired people through the provision of comprehensive advice and support services.

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There are two types of Braille. Grade 1 Braille is un-contracted and used mostly for new Braille readers. Grade2 Braille is the most widely accepted form of Braille. It takes up less space on the page due to the contractions. We can produce Braille in either grade, printed single-sided or double-sided on A4 Braille paper.

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Large Print

Focus on Vision C.I.C. recommends and uses a simple, clear and legible Sans Serif style fonts such as Arial or Tahoma. The original text is transcribed and reformatted without destroying the original context or content of the document. We use a standard font size of 20 points in order to meet the needs of as many users as possible.

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Audio Transcription

We offer a comprehensive reading service. The audio recording is separated into tracks if required and then burned to CD, which will play on any standard audio CD player, Personal Computer or laptop. We can produce visual labels for the CDs and provide both visual and Braille labels for the library boxes.

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How many people in the UK have sight loss?

Source: Royal National Institute of Blind People

Over two million people in the UK live with sight loss
Of these, around 360,000 people are registered with their local authority as blind or partially sighted.
It is predicted that by 2020 the number of people with sight loss will rise to over 2,250,000
And by 2050, the numbers of people with sight loss in the UK will double to nearly four million

What people are saying about Focus on Vision C.I.C.

“Excellent service time and time again. Audio Transcription is now invaluable to me! Thank you, Focus on Vision.”

“The Macular group is a joy to be a part of, with guest speakers and days out planned for us. Made so many friends!”

“Informative, structured IT coaching which has given me so much confidence to try things for myself!”

“Such a great place to come and meet people with the same vision issues as myself! Interesting meetings every month.”